"Adult" Life

So, it seems like for as long as I can remember, I’ve been dying to know what my adult life would be like. And suddenly…here I am! And, its GREAT! I would love to sit down and chat with my 12-year-old self. I’m pretty sure I thought 22 was old, that I was going to be working as a veterinarian (please- one year of animal science was enough for me), and that I would have a husband, family, big house, dog, cat, and white picket fence. Ahh, to be young and naive.

Instead, here I am in Boston, spending my days with runny-nosed, sassy, adorable preschoolers and my nights learning and attempting to become domestic. If I could sum up my new “adult” life in one word, that would be it: domestic. I adore cooking, baking, arranging, rearranging, shopping (especially for kitchen and home-y things!), organizing, and even…cleaning. Sometimes. It’s just so satisfying!

Today, I spent my day cleaning my house from top to bottom (including inside the fridge, eww) and adjusting the feng-shui in my bedroom.



Looks much better if I do say so myself! My next project is to fill that oddly-empty (save the teeny tiny photo) space with something like this:

Mismatched frames! Love this look. It will be my winter break project. That, and finding a cute new utensil holder for our kitchen. The current one is a disaster–full of holes where all the spatulas and spoons poke out.


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