Well, sort of. Technically I was done on Friday, but seeing this still got me pretty excited! Takes me back to the days of wearing white socks to bed and falling asleep with fingers crossed that I would see snow in the morning. AND, they put this announcement up last night…even better!

On my “snow day”, I have so far accomplished two very important things…

I finally joined the gym. Until May. For FREE. I have to thank my fab co-teacher Ali for giving me the coupon that allowed for this great deal! The gym is only a 5-minute walk from my house, or one stop before mine on the T, which is perfect. And, its HUGE. The guy who gave me a tour told me that they have enough cardio machines so that no one ever has to wait. Ever. Pretty awesome right? It was so good to work out, considering my exercise routine for the past few months has been speed-walking the hill to my house and chasing after 4-year-olds. I just hope I can keep up a regular schedule once I get back into the crazy school routine!

And two, I started reading this:

After watching Food, Inc. (highly recommended), I am making a conscious effort to try to purchase and eat more organic food, especially meat. The film was a liiittle disturbing during parts, showing the way chickens, cows, and pigs are treated prior to going to the slaughterhouse, and let me tell you, it’s gross.

Anyway, the tough things I’ve found about buying organic are A.) the cost, and B.) the labels. So when I stumbled across this book for A DOLLAR at the amazing Brookline Booksmith, I knew I had to get it. So far it’s done a great job of laying out the fundamentals of what it means to be organic. And what to do about high costs? The book suggests Wal-Mart. Yes, you heard me right. The one and only. Apparently their organic section is legit and they “always seem to find a way to keep rolling back prices”. I think I’ll check it out when I’m home for break!

I’m loving this day because, for essentially a dollar, I’ve made two positive changes in my life!

Oh! And, as of 2PM, congrats to Mike for surviving his first semester of law school! You are now 1/6 of a lawyer, woohoo!


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