Small Town, NY

Maybe its because I’ve grown up here, but I LOVE upstate New York at Christmastime! Especially all the teeny tiny towns… they are just so snowy, adorable, and quiet. So far my trip home has consisted of lots of food, family, and furry friends (see below!)

Mike playing with the doggies

Loves to pose..

I was also pleasantly awoken by a certain miss Cleo, who decided to hop in bed with me at 5AM. Nothing like claws to the chest to get you going in the morning!

I was quite lucky to experience Mike’s family tradition of getting a 13-foot tree into a 10 1/2-foot room. Documentation from the 25 hour (roughly) ordeal…

Almost there…


Now I am home and haven’t left the couch in quite some time–except to unwrap a few presents! Namely, this–>
Can’t wait to get baking as soon as I’m back from holiday travels!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!


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