Far above Cayuga’s waters…

After a night of reminiscing about highschool, I had a day of reminiscing about college…well, sort of. I went to Ithaca for lunch with my mom, sister, and brother and was sad to see how completely deserted it was!! Cornell and Collegetown were total ghost towns (though I’m sure the -18 degree windchill didn’t help) and CTB wasn’t even open! Fortunately, Ithaca Bakery was and I was able to fulfill my desire for a breadbowl there…yum! I would say it was good to be back in Ithaca but honestly it made me a little sad, and definitely made me miss Cornell a lot.

I was surprised to see that Ithaca now has an Urban Outfitters…who knew?? I got an adorable new wallet 🙂

Here are some things I miss about Cornell!…

121 and Professor Blueberry
Doing silly and ridiculous things, for no reason (ahem, rephrase: …lack of responsibility)
Our beautiful campus!!


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