The Glory Days

Last night I got together with one of my oldest and closest friends, Erin. We were in the same first grade class and grew up 10 houses away from each other. There’s nothing like a friend who has been with you through bad haircuts, glasses, braces, perms, poor outfit choices, etc etc…and still likes you!

(Erin is the thug one with the hat on the right, I’m in the middle, and on the left is Domenica, who I’m lucky enough to have in Boston with me!)
After catching up we got to our favorite pastime…reminiscing about the glory days of high school cheerleading. We watched not one, two, or even three old competition videos, but SEVEN. I’d like to think I didn’t peak in high school, but being a UE cheerleader was kiiind of a big deal.
Is it weird that I’m 22 years old and sometimes want to go back??

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