Happy New Year!

                                                     Photo from: zazzle.com
 Today is:
a palindrome!

Sorry for being totally MIA the past few days! I have had a whirlwind three days of skiing, celebrating, packing, and traveling back to Boston! Now that I’m back and settled it’s time for an update. Unfortunately I left my camera at Mike’s house so I won’t have pictures to share for about a week.

First things first…my New Year’s resolution! I resolve to be more patient. You would think as a preschool teacher I would have some degree of patience. And with my kiddies, I usually do. But in general, in life, I am impatient to a fault. I’m the one who gets annoyed when someone is 30 seconds late. Or when I have to wait more than 2 minutes for the T. Or when Mike tells a really long story… you get the point. I figure this is the kind of resolution I can actually work on, compared to falling off the bandwagon of “losing 10 pounds” within a month or two. Feel free to remind me…patience is a virtue!!

For New Years eve, I went skiing with Mike’s family. We went to Windham Mountain and did sunset skiing, 2-9PM. It was a lot of fun but I definitely struggled for awhile in the beginning. I have a really irrational fear of getting off the chair lift, which usually results in me forgetting to get off at the top and the operators having to stop the lift to get me down. This year I managed to get off the lift with only one minor incident, which I believe Josie took a picture of (photo to come). I also had a pretty intense wipeout that involved a high speed collision with a 4-year-old, tears, lost skis, and a sizeable goose egg on my head. But, we had a great time and by the end of the day I was skiing like a pro (or so I like to believe).

I headed up to Syracuse last night to hitch a ride back to Boston with Ellen and Dan (thanks, guys!) and we watched Julie and Julia, which of course inspired me to cook and blog even more!! I got a vegetarian cookbook so I’ll be testing out recipes asap!!

Happy New Year everyone!


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