A wonderful Bostonian day!

Ever have one of those days full of great people, great places, and great food? That was my day yesterday, and after a day of exploring I am starting to feel like a true Bostonian!
I started off the day with some shopping with my new roomie Fina! We went to j.crew, where we found a fantastic sale and I got a super cute new headband to add to my collection. Then we headed to the South End to walk around, shop, see the place where Fina works (jealous) and check out…..Flour!!

Flour is a super delish bakery/cafe that made it on to the Food Network for its amazing sticky buns (Throwdown with Bobby Flay– the Flour baker won!!). We started off with some quiche, but couldn’t resist getting some sugary sweets to take home! I got a homemade oreo, a hazelnut chocolate chip cookie, and of course the famed sticky bun. We practiced some self-restraint and saved the sticky buns for this morning. And WOW, was it worth the wait!!

I had intended to only eat half and save the other half for Mike, but, oops, I ate the whole thing (sorry Mike!)

After a day of exploring with Fina, I had an equally delicious night with Mike and his parents. We went to dinner at Tamarind Bay in Washington Square, and it was my first good experience with Indian food! I got paneer in a cashew cream sauce, but unfortunately neglected to take a picture. After a quick stop at the Golden Temple for a photo op…

(quite the ice sculpture)
We rounded out the night at Athan’s in Washington Square for gelato (despite the 17 degree weather) and coffee.
I got coconut and fig, Mike got pistachio and pomegranate.

I am starting to sense a pattern in my pictures…all FOOD!

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