Beer Summit 2K10

First things first…I am not a beer drinker. Given the choice, I would pick wine over beer any day. But, when my roommate Liz told me about the Beer Summit Winter Jubilee with over 50 beer vendors, I knew I had to investigate. We ended up making a day of it…

Me, Mike, Fina, Dave, Liz
We started out the day with a calorific breakfast of sticky buns from Flour (obsessed) and….bacon. Yes, I caved. Though I have to admit that I had been planning on having bacon since the beginning of the week, so it wasn’t a total oops. After our delicious breakfast we headed over to the Park Plaza Castle (who knew there was a castle in Boston?) and waited in a huuuge line, which thankfully moved pretty quickly.
Once inside, I was SO excited to receive our teeny-tiny beer tasting mugs!
Between the five of us, we managed to hit every beer vendor. Some of my favorites were a raspberry lager (pictured above, it tasted just like raspberry iced tea!), Blonde Bombshell (duh)…
and the Chocolate Stout from the Southern Tier Brewing Company (represent) that tasted (and felt) like a liquid tootsie roll.

Things I learned:

-IPA does not stand for “Ithaca Pale Ale” as I had hoped.
-Wearing a flowery headband gets you extra beer samples.
-“Stouts” and “Double IPAs” are YUCK-o.
-I am probably only going to like it if it is a. almost translucent or b. berry-flavored.
-Next time, I will make and wear a pretzel necklace, as so many seasoned Beer Summit-ers did!
Apparently there is a Beer Summit every season, spring and summer here we come!

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