I NEED to go to Europe

Number one thing I regret from college: not going abroad.

These past few weeks, I keep having dreams about Europe: frolicking through Italy, packing for a trip to France, running through the airport in Spain. Then, I started reading Under the Tuscan Sun, which makes me want to quit my job, jet off to Tuscany, plant an olive farm, and live off of wine and cheese for the rest of my life. Now, maybe its because I have Europe on the brain, but I noticed this house by my school and couldn’t help but think…is this a sign?

Tell me this house doesn’t sliiightly resemble a rustic Tuscan villa.
In the middle of Boston.
I need to find a way!
The sights…
The history…
These pictures are from our family trip to Italy in the summer of 2007. Take me back!!!

2 thoughts on “I NEED to go to Europe

  1. Kate

    I actually saw that picture of the ravioli with butter and sage and REMEMBERED that it was from your trip because I think you sent me that picture and I drooled over it for a while. I want to go back to Italy.


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