Reason #59 why I love my job

 Little kid love.

Today, Little Miss Sunshine* entered the classroom and announced that she had asked Billy* to be her valentine. “He said yes, because I am going to give him looooots of valentine’s cards next week.” They proceeded to hold hands during circle and story time. Then, one of the other classes knocked on our door, because Small British Child* had something to give to Little Miss Sunshine. Their interaction went something like this…
Small British Child: I have something for you. *hands over ziploc bag with small package inside* Be careful, it MIGHT have an egg in it!
Little Miss Sunshine: Oh, thank you. *opens package, decorated hardboiled egg emerges* Um, what is this?
Small British Child: Will you join me for a play date?
Little Miss Sunshine: Of course!
*class leaves*
Me: LMS, do you and SBC hang out often?
Little Miss Sunshine: No, we’ve never talked before. But I think he likes my yoga poses.

This is the egg. No one can figure out the story behind it. I think its better that way.
There was also a note, that said:
“Please join me for a play date because I am very sweet.”
Ahh, young love.

*name changed


2 thoughts on “Reason #59 why I love my job

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  2. Sguall

    Thanks for the updates. I hope we get some preiwevs soon. Seems Newstar is retiring some sites and models. I read the Tinymodel Amber site is closing down. Newstar Bambi is shutting down. Tinymodel Princess has one more set update from her previous preiwevs. Newstar Sunshine posted a Party Model preview set. So we should see the first new Sunshine set next week. We’ll see if Princess is going to continue after this next update. Seems like a lot of changes are happening at Newstar.


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