L-O-V-E in Boston

 My recent posts are getting a bit repetitive…all about loooove and pink things and hearts. But it’s hard not to get caught up in it this time of year! I wanted to share two fun things from my Valentine’s Day exploring Boston with Mike (post about brunch at Gaslight to come later).
1. The North End
I’ve been wanting to check out the North End for awhile – and I mean more than just a trip to Mike’s Pastry. On Sunday I got to do just that…Mike and I wandered the streets pretending we were European, visited the Old North Church & Copp’s Hill, and resisted the urge to buy boxes of cannolis. We also walked past the cutest little Italian baby girl, who apparently recognized Mike, running after us and calling Mike “dada?!!” four times. I thought it was hysterical, Mike not so much.

2. Seeing the seals at the New England Aquarium
I have yet to actually go into the New England aquarium (or maybe I did when I was like 8), but I have heard that you can see the seals without having to buy a ticket. Mike and I headed over to check it out, and sure enough, there is a seal swimming pool on the outside of the aquarium! I could have stayed for an hour watching, but unfortunately there were roughly 10 billion little kids with the same idea. But, the seals were super cute and I got to snap a few photos!
And of course, we ended the day with some delicious baked goods:
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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