Reason #62 why I love my job

My kids LOVE to play restaurant. Most days, I overhear them in pretend saying, “I am Chef Gusteau! Two pancakes, coming right up!” Any sort of toy, block, piece of paper becomes a slice of pizza to serve. They always ask for a pad of paper to write down orders. So, Ali and I decided to help them open their own restaurant! On Monday, we took a little walk around the neighborhood to check out the restaurants in our area. We got to brainstorming and decided on a pizza restaurant. We made a menu:

Assigned roles:
-Host and hostess
-Food waiter/waitress
-Drink waiter
-Prep chef
-Cooking chef
-Table cleaner-upper
-Floor cleaner-upper
(we had to get creative to give each kid a job!)
My two little chefs helped me with our pizzas, one cheese, one veggie/pepperoni
Unfortunately my camera battery died right after this photo was taken, but I can assure the pizzas were delicious when they came out of the oven.
One of my kids suggested that everyone dress up for the restaurant. As a result, Fred* showed up in a three-piece suit. WITH A TIE. It was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
We invited another class into our restaurant, Little Miss Sunshine* handled all the orders, and it was a smashing success. We may turn this into a business!
Reason #62A: The other day I turned around and found this on our whiteboard:
“March”! Written by a four-year-old! By himself!
My kids are so smart 🙂

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