Hello from Emily (Melanie’s favorite little sister)

Melanie told me to “be funny.”  I don’t know if I can live up to her standards, but I’ll try.  I decided to make Rainbow Cupcakes for Peter and his roommates because I am the best sister in the world..(sorry Mel) with the neon food coloring we have at home. With the extra batter, I made a neon cake, which turned out to be about as flat as a pancake, but it looks cool nontheless. Here are the pictures I took of my masterpieces.

Also, since I’m making a guest appearance on Melanie’s blog, I will post a picture of my prom dress I got this weekend. It was a tough choice between the patterned one that I got and a turquoise 30’s style dress. With a little help from Melanie via texts and three strangers who were in the dressing room next to me, I chose the patterned one (my mom, my friend Kaitlyn, and the sales associate, who was really really helpful, liked the 30’s style one slightly better, but they still think I made the right choice). My mom thinks the dress is very “me”.

And in case you wanted another update on the Life of Emily, I am leaving for a 10 day trip to Spain and Morocco in 17 days!  Then, two days after I come back home, a French exchange student, named Fanny, is coming to stay at my house for a week!


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