Spring cupcakes

This weekend, my roommate had a yard sale, and she asked me to bake. My first bake sale?? It’s about time! I can’t believe I’ve been a self-proclaimed baker for 6+ months and have not yet tried to sell my overly-sprinkled, obnoxiously pink goodies. As with my last decorating extravaganza , I first made a stop at Target for some Easter-themed cookie cutters and sprinkles. And food coloring. And frosting. 
It’s really hard for me not to get caught up in holiday themes and colors. Like right now…I NEED all things pastel. Don’t even get me started on the Easter candy aisle at CVS. 

Anywho, I got all ambitious and made cookies AND cupcakes for my “sale”.

I mean, come on. Robin’s egg blue? You would be making vats of frosting too!
Oh, and I can’t forget teeny-tiny Easter egg sprinkles.
In the end, I made $10. But that is exactly ten dollars more than I have ever made from baking before. So I say, success!

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