Concord, MA

I love living in Boston – I really do! But I didn’t realize I needed a break from “city living” until I took a day trip to Concord, MA with my mom, dad, and brother this past Saturday. It was so nice to take a quick drive, see some sights, and get in touch with nature for a few hours. Call me a hippie, but it was just the relaxing afternoon that I needed! Here is a photo tour…

We got in to Concord (lesson learned: it is pronounced “conquered”) at lunchtime, so our first stop was Main Street Market Cafe for some eats! These are the gorgeous flowers that were on every table.
I ordered the Thai Peanut Chicken Flatbread Pizza – sans most of the chicken! It was a cheesy, peanutty, crispy deliciousity. Highly recommended.

For dessert, a rocky road fudge brownie. Emphasis on the fudge.
We took a stroll around town.
Trees were blooming everywhere! Spring is in the air!
Happened upon the Concord Shop.
Floor. To ceiling. Kitchen supplies.
I could have spent hours but restrained myself and only emerged with a few things. Had to really resist buying ALL of these:
Finally, a trip to Walden Pond.
Nature! Birds and squirrels and acorns. Ahhhhh.

And the weather…well, it really couldn’t have been more perfect.
We ended the day by heading back into Boston for dinner at Durgin Park .
A bit of a tourist trap, but authentic lobster rolls nonetheless!
So nice to spend time with family 🙂

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