Saturday night Mike and I had our date night at Stella in the South End. Usually “date night” means cooking dinner for ourselves at my house, so this was a nice change of pace. We were celebrating the official end of Mike’s first-year law school classes – wooohooo! We got a nice seat on the patio (for patio meal numero tres).

We started out with some hummus and bread. 
Due to the Boston water *crisis*, I replaced my water with a pink guava lemonade 🙂
I ordered the ricotta balls a buffalo mozzarella center – ohhh sooo creamy and cheesy and good.
With a side of asparagus –
grilled to perfection!
Mike got the seafood saffron risotto.
I do NOT like seafood and even I thought this was delish!
Except for this little friend lingering on the side.
We got warm pecan pie with vanilla gelato for dessert

Then we walked FIVE MILES from the South End –> home. So I don’t even feel guilty about dessert!

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