Kickass Cupcakes

The name says it all. These cupcakes are deliciously kick-ass!

Awhile back I got a BuyWithMe coupon (similar to Groupon) for a half dozen cupcakes from Kickass Cupcakes in Wellesley. Despite my hacking cough, unbelievably congested sinuses, sneeze attacks and raspy voice (I am such a joy to be around), Mike (boyfriend-saint) and I ventured over to Wellesley this afternoon to pick out a box of kickass goodies. Here’s what we ended up with:

Green Monster
The deets: “chocolate cupcake with a chocolate beer ganache center and green chocolate beer frosting topped with cocoa nibs” 
Beer ganache center? I’m either really excited or really nervous to try.
Cinnamon Chai Pecan Sticky
“spiced up cupcake covered with gooey caramel pecan topping”
Yes, please.
Gluten-free vanilla
For Miss Gluten-free Feena Been 🙂
Cookies and Cream
Oreos. Say no more.
Cookie Dough
“Chocolate chip cookie dough in a vanilla cupcake and vanilla buttercream frosting with chocolate sauce”
Combining cookies and cupcakes…why didn’t I think of that??
Lucky Cupcake
“luscious lemon cupcake with white chocolate buttercream and candied ginger, comes with a fortune”
I think the fortune was something like “the time is now” but I can’t remember because the cupcake was demolished in ~3 seconds…
For now I am holding off on taste-testing because my poor little taste buds are being suffocated by this kicking-my-ass cold. But I promise to share my favs once my tasting abilities are back on track!

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