Hello, summer!

I have the best job in the world. Know why? It’s super fun. I get to hang out with cute little four-year-olds all day. I am referred to as “Miss Melanie”. I go on field trips. Coloring is a legitimate activity.

Oh, and I get summers off. 
I also get adorably fab end-of-the-year gifts. Like this new box from Beacon Hill Chocolates. Either the two-year-olds read this blog OR their parents had a very lucky guess. I plan to design my future kitchen around it.

I now have a collection of three of these boxes, and I believe there is one of each size! The most recent was filled with a double-decker layer of deliciousness…


I also received this mug that I have been eyeing at Anthropologie for years
So happy!
So, I will be spending the next month or so basking in the sun, traveling home and to NYC, getting back in shape (!), wandering around farmers markets, and baking, baking, baking! I don’t know how all of you grown-ups do it, but this sure is the life.

Welcome, sweet summer 🙂

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