Annutto’s Farm Stand

There are two really great things about Annutto’s Farm Stand in Oneonta, NY:

1. Fresh, local produce

And lots of it!
2. Sprinkles

I know you’re probably thinking…
Sprinkles? In a farm stand? Two whole aisles of them?
Yes, yes, and yes.
GENIUS. Match made in heaven.
Between some “belated Easter gifts” (as if I need a reason to receive sprinkles) from Mike’s parents, and my own inability to resist sprinkles, I now have six new containers. See below:
Rainbow sanding sugar
Neon fish
Festive red, white, and blue stars. Just in time for 4th of July!
Pink piggies!
And finally, some good old-fashioned rainbow jimmies. My personal favorite.
If you ever need sprinkles, you know who to call!
This girl needs to get baking.

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