Cornell University, you have my heart.

Today I took a ride up to Ithaca with Emily, and we spent the afternoon on campus. It made me love and miss Cornell even more than I already do! This marks 1+ years post-grad and I stand by my belief that college is the best years of your life.

Ithaca is gorges (yeah I said it) in the summertime, and campus was surprisingly busy. It was not the same being on campus without the Class of 2009, but it was nice to relive some of my favorite Cornell things for the afternoon!

First things first – I picked up a Statler salad. How do I even begin to describe the Statler salad? I think it’s something you have to experience to understand. It’s good enough to spend 20 minutes waiting in a 50+ person line – every day. You heard me right; senior year I had a Statler salad for lunch day in and day out. There’s just something so great about picking ingredients for your own salad, unlimited toppings, and delicious dressings. There’s also something so great about wasting away the afternoon enjoying your salad with 8 of your closest friends. That, in a nutshell, is the greatness that is the Statty salad. Feast your eyes on today’s creation:

Oh, and a side of sweet potato fries 🙂
Then we wandered around campus snapping pics with Emily’s amazing camera…
I didn’t even try to resist getting this AMAZING cover for my iPod.
Here is Sage Chapel, where Emma and Topher are getting married in August! Cannot WAIT for the wedding!
Finally, we stopped for some Dairy Bar ice cream.
We got Nutty Buddy Franklin: peanut butter ice cream with fudge swirls and peanut butter cups.
This is the “one scoop” size. Puh-leez.
I only got this far in. You know I am not one to throw away ice cream (“there’s always room!”) but it really was that big. But oooh so delicious.
See you in August, beautiful Cornell!

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