Iron Kettle Farm

On our way back from Ithaca, Emily and I stopped at Iron Kettle Farm. In the fall, it becomes Iron Kettle Pumpkin Farm and is THE place to go for…
pumpkin picking,
cute baby animals,
and your standard, run-of-the-mill, we-must-be-in-upstate-New-York-now pumpkin paraphernalia.

Don’t question, just go with it.
Anywho, this time of year there are still many cute baby animals, including a teeny tiny bun who may or may not be the illegitimate child of Professor Blueberry.

There was also a strange half goat/half human hybrid. 
I swear it is smiling at us. And thinking something along the lines of “Heh heh heh. I am going to distract you by smiling and looking human-like as I chew this piece of straw and then I am going to eat your camera!” Am I right or am I right?
Oh, and we picked up these gorgeous cherries!

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