S’mores cookies

I know what you’re probably thinking. Why’s this girl so obsessed with s’mores? They’re good, but maybe not so good that they need to be recreated in every baked good imaginable. But I say, maybe they do. 

I set out today to make chocolate chip cookies for my upcoming trip to the shore. But, when I opened the cabinet, fate stepped in. Fate in the form of mini marshmallows falling on my head. Alright, okay, fate, I’ll incorporate those mallows into my cookies. And you know what? Yeah, I’ll throw in some graham cracker crumbs too.

And just like that, s’mores cookies were born.
I followed this recipe, and added 3/4 cup of graham cracker crumbs to the dough. Then I put a mini marshmallow or two on top of the scoops of dough. They came out verrryyy flat but very delicious. I would suggest using copious amounts of cooking spray on your baking sheet, as those little mallows are sticky.

S’mores goodness without the grill (ours was stolen. I think the robber reads this blog)? Sign me up!

3 thoughts on “S’mores cookies

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  3. Nunzio

    a friend of mine truend me onto Birchbox – I’ve recieved 2 so far and love them! Plus my 12 year old daughter loves getting whatever items in the box I don’t want.


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