Feeling peachy?

Let’s talk about the perfect peaches at the farm stand down the road.
They FEEL perfect. 
They LOOk perfect.
They SMELL perfect.
They TASTE p-e-r-f-e-c-t.
And I’m sure if peaches could make noise, these ones would sound like angels singing.
Today, I made those perfect peaches into positively peachy preserves. Oh boy, oh boy!
The recipe calls for twelve ripe peaches but I obviously went with lucky number thirteen – one for eating 🙂
Here’s the tricky part: you have to peel them. It’s actually not too bad, just boil the peaches for a minute, plop them in ice water, and the skin should come right off!
What was I saying about the way they look? 
Oh, right…perfect. Hello beautiful sunset.
Post-attack by the potato masher. Are you wishing for smell-o-vision yet?
Twelve smooshed peaches + three tablespoons lemon juice + one cup sugar + one pack fruit pectin = Positively Peachy Preserves.

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