Ahh, the magic of zipcar. For those of us non-car-owners, zipcar provides a way to get around to run errands or take fun little day trips. Today, Mike and I zipped over to Needham to visit Treat cupcake bar. This seemingly quick one-stop trip somehow turned into a full-fledged eating bonanza.

It all started when we “accidentally” ordered WAY too much food at Friendly’s Express.
Then we ventured out to find our cute little zipcar!
I loved the “power” button. No key needed!
Zzzzoooom! We’re off!
We made a quick stop in the park to play ring around the rosie. Mike is seriously messing with the rosie flow here.
Luckily, as a preschool teacher, running around in circles is my job. So I showed him how it’s done.
Phew! Back to cupcakes and the eating bonanza. Enter, Treat.
Here’s the deal: 
1. Pick a cupcake (I went with “gold” – aka vanilla?)
2. Pick a frosting base (Buttercream pour moi!)
3. Pick up to three toppings (oreo, Butterfinger, rainbow sprinkles)
4. The cupcake bartender mixes up your frosting a la Coldstone Creamery and hands it to you in the adorable box:
*Coke can used to show size. So.much.frosting.
Mike went with rainbow sprinkles and nerds. Weird combo but I have to hand it to him, it was actually really good!
Sugar overload. But soo worth the trip.

One thought on “Zzzzipadeedoodah

  1. We are not Martha

    HAHAHAHAHA… i just burst out laughing at the ring around the rosie pictures. you two look like you're having a BLAST… love it 🙂 Can't wait to do some peeking around your blog! [chels]


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