Wildlife Wednesday: Penguin Edition

As I have a deep obsession with taking and posting photos of flowers and cute animals, I have decided to institute “Wildlife Wednesdays”. This is essentially just a made-up excuse to take and post even more flower and adorable animal photos. Just call it “research”. WW commences… now.

This frog is maybe notso cute or flowery but it fits with the theme so we’re gonna go with it. Ribbit!

And now for the penguins! I recently took a quick trip (i.e. what is the attention span of a three-year-old) to the New England Aquarium and snapped a few pics of these truly adorbs penguin friends. If you’re wondering if it gets any cuter and/or cooler than these guys – it doesn’t.

Have you guys seen the penguin power ad campaign from the aquarium? I think it is pure genius. Exhibits A, B, C, and especially, D:

These make my day. All day, every day. My birthday is in 5 days. I would like a penguin, please!


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