This Saturday Mike and I headed to Newburyport, MA to do a little exploring, get in some beach time, and celebrate my upcoming golden birthday. As was predicted, I fell head over heels in love with the area. Adorable shops? Check. Funky antique stores? Check. Beaches, stuffed cupcakes, old New England houses? Check, check, check!!

The day started off with a BANG when we stopped at Trader Joe’s to grab some picnic supplies, and I found these:

Um, helllloooo! Another s’more item to add to my growing repertoire 🙂
After a zippy drive up 95, we arrived in town and immediately began posing with some local gems.
Unicorn street, obvi.
Then we did some antique hunting.
And I picked up this totes cute vintage chair to replace the current one at my desk!
We headed to the beach for a picnic and PRESENTS!
Mike gave me these gorgeous earrings that I’ve been wanting for 100 years. I am one lucky girl!
Finally, we stopped at Michael’s Harborside for a yummy lobster dinner.
What a great day! 

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