Wildlife Wednesday: Lobster Edition

For this week’s edition of Wildlife Wednesday, I give you…. lobsters! As you know, Mike and I dined on some delicious lobster on our Newburyport excursion this past weekend. Though it may seem a little yuck to share a WW that revolves around EATING the wildlife, I assure you… these pictures are too great to pass up.
*Warning: some lobster advocates may find this offensive. Please accept my sincere apologies.

It all began at Michael’s Harborside (recommended by the locals as a great seafood joint).
Mike ordered his wildlife whole,
while I opted for a roll.*
Digging in!
Mike loved his wildlife so much he decided to wear a bib of it.
Then, I dared him to eat an eyeball. I know, G-r-o-s-s.
Why are you making me do this.
The aftermath.
I want my mom!
In case the lobster advocates are feeling sad and/or enraged, here are some additional wildlife photos to brighten your Wednesday.
*Unintentional poem.

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