A few reasons that I’m smiling on this lovely Sunday morning:

1. I still can’t get over this seriously amazing sandwich/work of art that one of the kids brought for lunch on Friday. As a former sandwich artist (whattup Subway!), I know just how much talent this must have required. Behold:

2a&b. I made two fantastic purchases in Harvard Square yesterday.

2a: This awesome print of monuments in Paris. It’s actually wrapping paper, but I plan to frame it!

2b: A Charley Harper coloring book!!!!!! Call me a child, call me a preschool teacher, but I am beyond excited to start coloring in my “own” Charley Harper (*favorite artist alert*) masterpieces. Next stop: CVS for a 64-pack of crayons with a sharpener in the back (do they still make those??).

3. T-minus 3 days until I move into my new adorable apartment with Domenica and Fina. There will be baking, and lots of it 🙂

Hope everyone is having a sunny and funny weekend!

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