Cheese Fondue for Two

Do you know what I love?


Cheese. Wine. Bread. All of my favorite things!

Do you know what I love even more?

When said fondue is half price. My bank account loves it a lot too.

Enter Grendel’s Den.

I apologize in advance for the dark pictures – bad lighting!

Mike and I ventured to Harvard Square yesterday in search of:

only to discover that with two drink orders, our food would be half price! (*from 5-7:30PM) Umm, sold!

The fondue comes with two side salads and a HUGE bowl of bread. Here is what ours looked like after we had stuffed ourselves silly.

I’m a little sad to admit that we ended the dinner with three pieces of bread left over. Amateurs.

Hellllooooo, yum!

Luckily we were able to walk it off and make room for lemonade cupcakes from Sweet 😎

Do you want to guess who got the pink one?


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