Beautiful Boston

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day in Boston. Perfect temperature, not a cloud in the sky, a nice light breeze.

So we spent it eating.

Mike’s twin sister, Josie and her boyfriend, Mike (for the sake of this post, we’ll call him Mike#2) were visiting Boston for the day, so we showed them some of our favorite sights and eateries. This obviously means we started the day off at Gaslight in the South End. Favorite, favorite brunch spot.

Brunch on the patio. Perfection.

I was feeling fancy, so I started the morning off with a peach Bellini.

I couldn’t resist the caramelized banana crepes:

Mike (BF) went with his old standby, french onion soup:

While Mike#2 ordered the omelet with roasted vegetables and feta. It looked and smelled like such perfection that I 100% plan to order it next time.

And Josie got the vanilla cream-stuffed&smothered french toast.

Eep! Yum!

Here we are with happy and full bellies, about to commence on our next adventure…

The Public Garden! Here’s a little bit of trivia for you about the famous swan couple.



We headed over to the Boston Public Library for more posing.

The BPL’s inner courtyard is one of my favorite secret spots in Boston. It makes me feel like I’ve been transported to Italy!


After all that posing and sightseeing, we were obvi famished. Josie was in search of a good New England clam chowder, so we did a quick Google search and found the Atlantic Fish Co. right around the corner!

They had us all at “clam chowder in a bread bowl”.

We also couldn’t resist the crab and artichoke dip.

Bread bowls are my true love. I need to make them and fill them with french onion soup, stat.

Happy belly 🙂


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