Lovely views

Yesterday I had a semi-crappy day. Sometimes it happens. But, I woke up this morning BRIGHT and early (as is the usual now, unfortch) and decided to have a better day.

Now, if it was up to me, my sleeping schedule would resemble that of an infant’s. I looove to sleep. I love being cozy in my bed. I would spend days there if I didn’t have a real job and real responsibilities. That being said, it’s sooooOOOO hard for me to wake up at the crack of dawn. And now a 6AM wake-up call has become a fact of life. SO: I found a way to make it better. Each morning, I wake up, turn on the shower, get my coffee percolating, and peek out my kitchen window to catch this view of the sun rising over Boston.

*My apologies for the not-so-good quality. This photo requires quite a bit of zoom on my camera’s part.

Pretty cool, right?

I’ve also discovered another pretty view on my afternoon walk to work.

This is essentially Barbie’s Dream House: The Grown Up Edition.

I want to live in this house.

I want to enter my dream house through the bright pink door.

I want a tree to be growing on my front stoop.

I want to bake cupcakes in the what I imagine to be SUPER adorable kitchen.

So, so, cute. I’m putting this on my wall as I reminder of what I want to be when I grow up.


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