Happy Fall!

Today is one of my favorite days, the first official day of fall! I have been waiting oh so patiently for this day so that I could begin my journey into all things pumpkin. You see, I’m the type of person that gets SUPER excited/obsessed about something, overdoes that thing, gets sick of it 2 days later and vows never to listen/watch/eat/do it again. This includes favorite songs, favorite books, favorite movies, favorite friends (true), favorite foods, favorite drinks, and favorite times of year. In order to avoid the obsession sickness around the holidays, I have instituted two rules beginning Sept 1st.

1. No pumpkin things until the first day of fall. This also includes no autumn-colored M&Ms and certainly no pumpkin farm visits.

2. No Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. No decorations, Christmas baking, or red and green M&Ms either. This has become quite difficult as radio stations now play Christmas tunes starting sometime around Easter.

In this way I give myself a limited amount of time to enjoy pumpkins and/or the Christmas spirit, and therefore do not overdo it or, even worse, get sick of it! *Pat on the back*

I should also mention that my obsession with all things pumpkin started last fall and was, in fact, the inspiration to start this blog. That being said, my list of pumpkin things I need to make has been growing for about a year now and I’m beyond excited to get baking. First on my list is pumpkin whoopie pies, but because I’ll be out of town this weekend I might have to start with something a little easier instead. Perhaps a loaf of pumpkin bread.

Happy Fall!


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