Nantucket: A Poem

We left for Nantucket on a bus early morn,

The moon shining bright while the sun was born.

We sailed off on the ferry for what felt like hours,

But before we knew it we spotted the Nantucket lighthouse tower!

Checked in at the inn and snapped photos of house to which we would LOVE the keys,

Then stopped by Something Natural for a picnic amongst the trees.

Popped over to Cisco Brewery for a Whale’s Tale Pale Ale,

And walked back into town along an oddly-marked trail.

Out on the harbor the sun shone so bright,

And eventually we headed back to get ready for the night.

Before we knew it we woke up to brunch on the porch,

And this brings our trip to an end, unfortch.

So thank you, Nantucket, for a wonderful weekend stay,

I hope I can come back soon to relax and play!


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