The Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten

Ever watch that show on Food Network? All these chefs sit there and talk about the best ______ (dessert, snack, pasta, pizza, etc) they ever had and you drool and wish you could teleport to ______ Restaurant where said food is on the menu. Well, I had my very own “Best Food I’ve Ever Eaten” last weekend in Nantucket. I totally forgot to blog about it earlier, mostly because I was out gathering ingredients in an attempt to recreate the scrumptious experience. The eating event took place at the Boarding House on Nantucket.

Honestly. Warm Brioche Doughnuts. Say. No. More.

Oh, what? Hot Cocoa Sauce? Glad you mentioned it.


As IF these weren’t the YUMMIEST doughnuts I have EVER had… Mike went ahead and ordered

Fontina cheese. Pancetta. Fresh figs. Arugula.

But it was so much more than that. I was *quite literally* rendered speechless. I still can’t think of a word to describe the degree of amazing of this flatbread. Suggestions are welcome.

TAKE A FERRY TO NANTUCKET. Or better yet, fly.

RUN to the Boarding House.

ORDER these two items.

BE PREPARED to never look at food the same again.


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