My job

Today, I asked myself once again…

Is my job for real?

It all started when I came up with the brilliant idea to have my class think up a Halloween costume for me. I knew they would have absurd ideas, and I figured that would just make it that more fun.

Here’s the list:



Blue, pink, and purple butterfly…typical, typical, typical.

What I didn’t expect was the two top-voted suggestions:

A buzzing dingbee and a STICK OF BUTTER.

Buzzing dingbee won out in the end with a vote of 6 to 5 (there are 18 kids in the class so you can imagine their understanding of “voting” and “math”), so that’s just what I’ll be…as soon as I figure out what it is.

As for the stick of butter…well, let’s just say my kids know me too well.

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