Room update!

Bit by bit, my room is finally starting to come together! When I moved in on September 1st, the only thought running through my mind was: YELLOW. The walls are bright, yellow, extreme, and did I mention…bright? Since I am lazy and not a fan of home “projects”, I am 98% sure I won’t be taking the time to repaint the walls a more appropriate/grownup color. That being said, I really need to go with this yellow theme. I wish I had thought to take a “before” picture from when I first set my room up, because since then a LOT has changed.

I got a new duvet cover.

Which works great with the yellow walls.

I moved furniture around to get the feng shui just right.

I put my bed up on risers so I can store things underneath.

I invested in a cute baskets to put things in and clear up space on my vanity.

I got new lamps.

And I finally bought a bookcase.

In the magical land of meatballs and cheap yet cute furniture, IKEA.


Here is before, with a semi-assembled bookcase and lack of wall art:

And after!

The walls may still be painfully yellow, but I’m working on it. Slowly but surely.

I need more books! But I’m very proud of my knick-knacks.

This apartment is turning into a home!


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