The Time I Fell Out of Love with Pumpkin

This is a true story.

Two weeks ago I fell out of love with pumpkin.

I KNOW! I know. Take a second to pick your jaw up off the floor, gather your thoughts, and get ready to believe it…

It all began with some pumpkin, some caramel, and a weekend with too many hours spent in the kitchen. I had two recipes I want to tackle: this one for cupcakes and another for salted pumpkin caramels. I did in fact make both treats.

It goes without saying that the caramels were PHE-nomenal. Top ten best caramels I’ve ever tasted. Like pumpkin cookie dough batter minus the raw egg and fear of salmonella. So, SO delicious.

So I ate two. Then two more. Then some cupcakes. Then some frosting. Then some more caramels.

Before I knew it my tummy was a-rumblin’* and my brain was on overload telling me: NO. MORE. PUMPKIN. THINGS.

And that’s how it happened. I fell out of love with pumpkin.

I blame it on the extreme deliciosity of this recipe and my utter lack of self control. So here is my message to you:

Make these caramels. Despite the fact that this recipe yields 64 treats, limit yourself to one or two – three if you’ve had a small breakfast. Share half the caramels with people at your work. Then have a loved one hide the rest in the freezer and CALL IT A DAY. Don’t look back.


*Understatement of the year


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