A Weekend of Flour: Part Three

In addition to baking my life away this past weekend, I also spent a significant amount of time writing conferences for the kiddos in my class. Conference-writing is long, tedious, and involves a lot of “______ works well with others and is learning to share. He/she contributes relevant information to classroom discussions and understands the concept of turn-taking…” Blah blah blah. Not super fun.

You know what is fun, though? Writing a conference for a chocolate chip cookie. Mine would go something like this…

Chocolate chip cookie (Chippy for short) had a successful transition from mixing bowl to oven. Though once a hunk of dough, Chippy worked hard to improve herself as a cookie. She is able to sit for long periods of time inside a hot oven, and does not get distracted when she bakes into her fellow cookies. She works well with a glass of milk, and has no problem sharing her crumbs. Chippy is a sweet friend and is developing a better attitude towards being eaten. She has a wonderful balance of crispy outside to chewy center.

Have I finally lost my marbles??

I am, of course, talking about the chocolate chip cookies from Flour’s cookbook. I’m not going share the recipe because that would break my conference confidentiality agreement (ha, ha), but mostly because I think YOU should buy the cookbook because it is that good.



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