A Weekend of Flour: Part Four

Here’s what I learned while making meringues for the first time:

They are easy to make.

Whipping egg whites and sugar into meringue can make one feel like a real-life pastry chef and maybe narrate their mixing a la Top Chef: Just Desserts.

Meringues have to bake for three hours and sometimes your roommates get slightly perturbed that you are *always* hogging the oven (love you roomies!).

Meringues do not photograph well.

Like, at all.

Here is my best attempt:

The only redeeming quality of this photo is the cute little meringue-signature curly-Q at the top.

It’s a shame, because these meringues (I used the “meringue clouds” recipe from the Flour cookbook) are pretty perfect: light, dainty, crispy-crunchy.

They also have a fun little hollow, slightly chewy center. I want to take them to a tea party!

If you want to feel fancy, I highly suggest making meringues. They look and taste impressive (nobody has to know how easy they are to make) and are quite magical – how do yucky egg whites turn into something so crispy and delicious?

It’s magic, people…magic. Magical meringue mounds!



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