Baked by Melissa

I have found a NEW favorite cupcake shop in NYC. Get ready for this….

Teeny tiny, eensy weensy, itty bitty cupcakes.

Even teeny tinier than mini cupcakes! Barely bigger than a quarter! Behold…

Cupcakes by Melissa. This woman is a genius. She makes bite-sized cupcakes, which means, in my case, that for only $10 I was able to purchase and try eleven different kinds of cupcakes. ELEVEN!

I loooove trying cupcakes. WHY didn’t I think of this idea first??

Here’s what I got…

(from the top, left to right)

Peanut butter and jelly, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate chip pancake,

s’mores, cookie dough, red velvet,

cinnamon, s’mores (had to try this little guy twice), tie dye,

mint chocolate chip, cookies ‘n cream, coffee caramel.

Oh BABY. Yum yum yum. Cute cute cute.

Just a little bite of happiness.

Next time you are in New York, stop by one of Baked by Melissa’s two locations! I promise it’ll make your day.

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