Reason #72 why I love my job

(I’ve lost count on the reasons why I love my job, so I picked 72 hoping it was somewhere near the right number…which is actually probably closer to 700)

As you probably know, I have one of the most fun jobs out there – or at least I think so. I teach preschool, which means I get to hang out with 4-year-olds, work with some awesome and hilarious teachers, and sometimes make pretend phone calls to Santa to whip the kiddos into shape.

BUT, that is only half of my day! For the other half, I babysit* for three totally awesome kids who are 9, 12, and 15. In my case, “babysit” actually means do really fun things like bake and go to the mall and sometimes even go on road trips to places like Ginny Gulch.

I have a fellow teacher to thank for setting me up with this sweet gig, as she left our school last year to have a baby and I took over both of her jobs – teaching and babysitting! Miss Colleen is one of the coolest people I know, and her baby Leo might just be my most favorite teeny tiny person out there. LOOK at him…

I’m on the “nice” list….

….right? Santa? Hello?

He is JUST too cute for words.

So yesterday we rounded up the whole gang, put “The Hamster Dance” on repeat (Leo’s favorite song, duh) and headed to Ginny Gulch, which is a mystical Christmas world just off of Route 1. Magical…

Every now and then I worry that my life is too fun.

15 days till Christmas, people!!!

*There are no actual babies and very little sitting involved

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