A few of my favorite things

The last day of school before Christmas break usually goes something like this….

8:45AM: chaos

9:20AM: children running around the classroom in circles

10:45AM: “Holiday Sing” concert where there is very little singing and lots of waving to moms and dads

11:15AM: cookie eating

11:16AM: chaos

11:17AM: children on sugar high running in circles

11:35AM: chaos

12:00PM: children leave

12:09PM: peace


Amidst all the pure chaos of yesterday, I received two of my most favorite gifts I have ever been given.

I am almost too excited to show you!

They are little stickers that say “From the Kitchen of Melanie Martin”. With tiny macarons in the middle!

So, so perfect. One of those things I would never think of on my own, but now that I have them I don’t know HOW I lived my life without them. Perfect.

And the other PERFECT gift I received…

Drumroll please…..

Bakerella‘s Cake Pop book!!!!!!!! I LOVE Bakerella. She is a genius.

LOOK at these cake pops!

I want to make them all. Right now. Immediately.

THANK YOU, Melissa!

Someone help me find candy melts in Boston!!! HELP!


One thought on “A few of my favorite things

  1. Anna

    WHERE are those incredibly adorable personalized sticker from?????? WHAT a terrific gift idea. Can I use your pic on my blog to promote that GENIUS idea?!???????


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