Happy 2011!


I hope everyone has had a happy and/or fun and/or relaxing start to 2011. Here’s how I rang in the New Year…

I made a lemon meringue pie.

I went skiing and I only fell once*!

I took pictures of the glow stars on my ceiling.

I vowed to put this picture of myself on the fridge in an attempt to eat less cookies.

Who am I kidding? I love cookies. I vowed to put this picture of myself on the fridge because its hiLARious and will show visitors to our apartment that they have entered a judgment-free zone. As in I will not judge you if you go through a pound of butter a week and want to dress up like butter for Halloween. 2011 is the year of empowerment.

And finally, I watched this video of a ladybug playing with sprinkles.


……a LADYBUG playing with SPRINKLES. I have never seen or heard of anything tinier or cuter in my entire life.

Adrienne, you literally made my day with this video. I really, REALLY wanted to save it for Wildlife Wednesday but I simply could not wait. 2011 is probably not the year of patience.

Wishing you new year full of happiness, laughter, and ladybugs playing with sprinkles 😀

*This does not include the two times I fell down while standing totally still.


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