Welcome, newest roomie!

True Life: I’m living with my first grade class.

It’s true! This should probably be a reality TV show. Kind of like that show “High School Reunion” (total fail), but better, because the last time most of us saw each other we had just learned how to read and add 2-digit numbers.

I’ve been living with Domenica – first grade BFFL – since September. Our other roommate, Fina, got a job in Denver and had to move out – SAD. But, a fellow Mrs. Archer’s class alum, Allison, needed a place to live in Boston – HAPPY! So, Allison moved in and now we can relive a first-grade reunion every day.

Here’s proof of our 17-year friendship:

My 7th birthday party: there’s Allison on the right, and that spot on my arm that looks like I have a tiny bit of gorilla hair growing on me is actually Domenica. This was prior to her gorgeous hair days.

Here we are again. This was the tea party portion of my party…what a life. Allison, I truly love your hat.

Domenica is on the right. Proof.

Unfortunately I don’t yet have a picture of the three of us nowadays, but I can assure you we all look slightly better than we did at age 7.

Welcome to the apartment, Allison!


One thought on “Welcome, newest roomie!

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