Cupcakes in Georgetown

I forgot to tell you about my cupcake tour of Georgetown on Saturday! Though we ended up going to just two bakeries, I got a chance to try six different amazing cupcakes!

First stop was Georgetown Cupcake, where the line was looooong but they served free hot cocoa to those of us freezing our buns off.

Though we were tempted to get one of every flavor, we opted for Mint Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Chocolate Salted Caramel. They were deeeeelish and the mint one was my favorite.

My cupcake companions, Kate and Sarah!

Then we went to Baked and Wired, an adorable coffee shop and bakery with an equally long line.

I loved their sprinkle display and it inspired me to collect more sprinkles so I can have decorations like this in my house too! So sparkly and colorful.

We ordered the strawberry cupcake and a vanilla cupcake with a raspberry filling and lemon buttercream. The buttercream was PERFECT – not too sweet, not too lemony. We also were given an Elvis-inspired banana peanut butter chocolate cupcake by one of the employees because the frosting wasn’t perfectly frosted…score! It was more like a banana bread muffin with peanut butter frosting and chocolate swirls. Heaven.

OH, and I had a caramel s’mores bar which was one of THE best s’mores things I’ve EVER had. The first layer was graham cracker crust, then homemade marshmallow, caramel sauce, and a layer of hard chocolate on top. Sadly it went unphotographed because Mike and I finished it in 4 bites. I MUST recreate it.

In my opinion, Baked and Wired’s treats felt much more homemade and fresh, though I did enjoy Georgetown Cupcake much more than I expected to. Here’s to hoping I can get back to DC soon to try even more delicious baked goods!


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