Paris, je t’aime

I am head over heels in love with Paris. I have been since the 2-day whirlwind trip I took there junior year of high school. But lately, I feel that the City of Light has been calling my name, and I have spent the past week pouring over pictures, practicing my French, and looking up flights (yes!). It is time to plan a trip back.

I am picturing macarons of every beautiful color, the Eiffel Tower at sunset, and skipping through the streets proclaiming OOH LA LA!

Paris, je t’aime.

Even my morning toast is telling me to go back!

Wonder how that happened…*

Here is some of my inspiration.

-Ma petite Tour Eiffel-

-Sparkle lights, via Pinterest

-Ladurée macarons, via Pinterest

-Tulips and the Eiffel Tower, via Pinterest

Oui, oui!

*In case you were wondering…


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