Petit Fours

I’ve been wanting to make petit fours for a loooong time. They are so cute and dainty and I picture myself wearing white lace gloves and eating them with my pinky up (not that I own white lace gloves or ever eat with my pinky up). Recently I finally found an excuse to try them out: one of my coworkers was having a baby shower this past weekend, and I was in charge of the baking. Lightbulb! Baby pink and blue petit fours. They would be perfect! I decided to give these little cakes a trial run the weekend before the shower to make sure they would come out okay.

Boy am I glad I did.

As it turns out, petit fours take roughly 800 hours to make. There are 700 steps and 500 of those steps involve whisking 85 pounds of powdered sugar and corn syrup over a giant pot of simmering water.

Exaggerate I do not.

First you have to make the pound cake. I used Martha’s recipe.

Then cut it into a million tiny squares.

Here’s the best part. Driippppppp.

Glaze recipe here.

Finally, trust me when I say: clean-up is no fun.

But eating sure is!

Now if only I could find those white lace gloves…


6 thoughts on “Petit Fours

    1. melaniejanem Post author

      Thank you! I take roughly 6000 photos of everything I bake so there’s usually bound to be a really good one somewhere in there. I also splurged on Black Friday and bought myself a nice investment ever!


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