The South End: A Photo Essay

Mike is currently on spring break, which means we finally had some time this weekend to go out for brunch and wander around Boston. Here are some pictures from our Saturday adventure, narrated by my stream of consciousness.

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice at Gaslight. Don’t you wish “freshly squeezed” really meant “champagne infused”?

Would you call this photo… urban chic?

Do jumping photos in front of caution tape make them less cliche? Additionally, doesn’t Mike have mad ups?

Look! “Eat at Mike’s Diner!” with an arrow pointing at MIKE! I swear this photo was totally unplanned.

Additional items I am currently considering:

  • I wish I could remember what it feels like to breathe through my nose.
  • How can I combine my newest obsession (read: cake batter glaze) and with my oldest (duh, Oreos)?
  • I wonder when I’ll get a puppy.
  • I wonder why my kids sneeze on me so much.
  • When can I take a nap?
  • What else can I put cake batter glaze on?
  • What will I pretend to give up for Lent? (sorry, Mom)
  • HELP! I don’t have any ideas for Wildlife Wednesday tomorrow.

And so on…


3 thoughts on “The South End: A Photo Essay

  1. youshouldmakemecakebatterricekrispytreats

    may i suggest you give up cake batter glaze for Lent???



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