My First Giveaway!

People: this is big. The awesome people over at CSN stores recently contacted me about wanting to help me do a giveaway. My first thought?

I am sooo legit.

I was able to pick out something that I wanted to give away, and I obviously hopped right on over to the Le Creuset section of the CSN website. I l-o-v-e all things Le Creuset, mostly because of the beautiful colors, and so I decided on these bright little prep bowls.


If you want to be entered to win this set (Is it wrong for me to enter my own giveaway? Will anyone know its me if I make up a fake name?), just comment (anything!) on this post by tomorrow, Thursday March 17th, at 9PM. I’ll attempt to figure out how to pick a random winner from there. May the luck of the Irish be with ya!


24 thoughts on “My First Giveaway!

  1. Cathy L

    MELANIE this is so exciting. You are too legit. Good luck giving it away!!! (This comment means I’m entering right?)

  2. Lisa

    Awesome prize & I like your sense of humor… smile. Thanks for the opportunity & Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  3. lucky the leprechaun

    I like bowls! I like giveaways! I like you! Your hair looks pretty today. And your bum looks nice in those jeans.!

    does this mean you are going to get to use the random number generator?? Fancy pantz.

  4. Mom

    I’m sure it is illegal for your mother to enter, but I will give them to my favorite charity if I win! (Not)

  5. Amy

    I didn’t even need to get the ball rolling, so exciting!!! Do these adorable bowls also come with your talent for homemade oreo’s and whoopie pies?? Either way count me in!

  6. Rahaale

    Amberr MeadowsKatie, textbooks are quite esexnpive. Haven’t had to buy any for several years, but I still remember how painful it was buying them before the new semester.


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