Where I’ve Been

Knock, knock! Is anybody home??

Oh my goodness! I just looked through the past month of blog posts and I’ve been surviving on Wildlife Wednesdays, Frenchie Fridays, and almost NO baking! What is up with me???

I could sit here and list off the annoying things that have been taking up my time the past few weeks (including a nasty cold), but I won’t bore you with all that complaining. Instead, let me show you some fun things I’ve been up to.

Hangin’ with celebs.

Yup, that’s Wayne Gretzky. THE legend. And right next to him is Mike, autograph in hand. Though Wayne (we are on a first name basis) looks not-so-happy to be there, I assure you he is. It’s just bad lighting and a serious amount of zoom.

We Mike met Wayne at my very first Bruins game a few weeks ago. So exciting!

Reliving high school. At the prom.

LAW prom, that is. You’ll be happy to know that my high school prom date was a Gingy too!

Cultivating my green thumb.

LOOK at my baby plants! I am so proud of them, even if I can’t remember what they are. Mom, Katy, a little help here? Zinnias or tomatoes?

Excessive chocolate chip cookie making.

You KNOW I couldn’t make it a few weeks without baking. I was inspired to make NY Times chocolate chip cookie recipe, and figured I would save the dough in the freezer until I had more free time to bake and blog. And then I accidentally made and ate…all of it.

2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. MARY from Brain Gym 101

    How dare you leave out your weekend in Lexington…zip cars, revolutionary war reenactments, dancing with ribbons, trust walks and one Ferby,


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